APO 7.6 - Spells on the Rookgard

Rook Sorcerer Druid Paladin Knight
Name Incantation Mana Magic Level
Invisible utana vid 210 0
Light utevo lux 20 0
Antidote exana pox 30 0
Greater Light utevo gran lux 60 3

Soul spells:

Incantation Soul cost Description actions
adite heal 35 This spell creates IH rune x10.
adite crit rook 30 This spell increases your critical hits for 1 hour.
ancient porta 20 lub 2 This spell opens portal to Antic City. In case of failure player looses 2 soul points.
ultimo nutti 30 This spell lets you upgrade two same klej-notes into one, better.
might addict 15 By using this spell, you can bind two might rings into one.
adeto mas grav 25 Allows Rookstayers to create rune (adito grav), which removes fire.
summo addict 15 lub 3 If you have a blue robe (3 soul points) you can bind two the same runes into one.
exani tera rook 1 A magic rope.

Created by Rinson.