APO 7.6 - Knight's spells

Rook Sorcerer Druid Paladin Knight
Name Incantation Mana Magic Level
Light utevo lux 20 0
Create Food exevo pan 30 0
Antidote exana pox 30 0
Light Healing exura 25 1
Greater Light utevo gran lux 60 3
Haste utani hur 60 4
Watch Out! exura vid 150 4
Scream of Fury exori tera 75 4
Berserk exori 100 5
Challenge exeta res 90 5
Rage of Berserk exori gran 200 6
Power Berserk exori max 700 7
Fire Exori exori gran flam 600 8
Sword Shoot exevo gladius 900 13

Soul spells:

Incantation Soul cost Description actions
adite mana 70 By 1 hour of use spell, manafluids gives more mana points.
adite ulti 130 After 15 seconds from use spell, you can use an area attack Ultimate Weapon.
adite grav 25 This spell creates magic wall rune.
adite grav max 5 This spell connects magic wall runes.
adite mana max 50 This spell restores 50% your mana points.
adite crit 70 This spell increases your critical hits for 1 hour.
extendo mero 10 This spell blesses emerald rings and changes them into gold ring.
ultimo nutti 30 This spell lets you upgrade two same klej-notes into one, better.
might addict 15 By using this spell, you can bind two might rings into one.
extendo mort 25 By using this spell you can change Ots King into Hardened Ots King.

Created by Rinson.