APO 7.6 - Commands

Appearance Command Description
!bless Pokazuje ilosc bless
!uh Ultimate Healing Rune *
!ih Intense Healing Rune *
!mm Mega Manas *
!m Manas *
!lf Life Fluid *
!exp Shows the number of experience points required to gain the next level.
!rs Shows the time left to red skull's disappear
!mana Shows the amount of mana which you have to spend to gain the next magic level
!online Shows the number and the list of people who are playing on the server at the moment
!frags Shows the number of frags achieved by the player and the time left to finish the frag.
!quest Runs random mission, adjusted to player level.
!anuluj Canceling mission if you have required level.
/pos Shows player position.

*writing the command will cause the use of the potion/ rune on the character.

Created by Scoop
Edited by Santano