1. Accounts
    1. It is forbidden to create a character with offensive nickname, one attacking other person,indicating they have official position on the server or confusingly similar to already existing character.
    2. It is forbidden to take action resulting in stealing account and all goods located on them,
    3. It is forbidden to share account to third parties for any purpose.
    4. Every player is responsible for number, password and recovery-key for his account. Server administration will not take any responsibility for their possible loss.
    5. Server Administration is not responsible for any trades occuring between players. Player can't ask for help in case of deception.
    6. The user agrees for processing of given e-mail adress in marketing purposes.
  2. Game
    1. There is a total ban of offending and to provoke other players. Hate speech or attacks movtivated on rase, etnic group or religion is also forbidden.
    2. Stealing of items, accounts or belongings of other players is severly punished. Server administration however can't help with retrieving those goods without unequivocal evidence.
    3. All respawns in the game world are public. Blocking access to them without a "White Skull" is prohibited. In order to save the person with the "Red Skull", all types of blocking are allowed in all places on the map. Competition and the pvp system are an indispensable element of the game. Any reports like "someone took my respawn" will not be considered by members of the administration. In the case of raids (automatic and organized by the administration), it is forbidden to:
      • Blocking the bodies of monsters in any way,
      • Luring leading to mass death (raids organized by the administration).
    4. Using the public channels against their purpose will be punished.
      • Game-chat, all chat about the game ( except other things included in the rules about Trade Channel)
      • Trade-main/Trade-Rook, all offers about buying,selling or cooperation( including searching people to od quest with, help with quest, and guild recruitment etc.)
      • RL Chat, all chat not related to the game
    5. Using and concealment of game/server bugs is forbidden.
    6. Any activity for acting against server well being (causing \"crashes\", advertising other servers etc.) is forbidden.
    7. Posing as the member of administration or other players is strictly forbidden.
    8. Referencing to the member of administration without presenting the problem is forbidden
    9. Cheating in any fashion will result in immediate action. Using third-party programs to automate any facet of the game or talking about those programs is forbidden.
    10. To advertise in game about selling/exchange/buying accouts is forbidden. For this kind of offers there is a special thread on the server forum(Klik)
    11. To advertise about exchange between other servers than APO 7.6 is forbidden.
    12. The only currency of buying/selling/exchange are items and gold from APO 7.6 server.
    13. All houses on FACC are taken after no login on any character once per month.
    14. One person( one player) can own two houses. One on mainland and one on rookgaard.In case of owning more that two houses, server administration can take away houses picked by them.
    15. All houses on PACC are taken after your account is no longer premium.
    16. Spaming is punished.
    17. Obstructing other's access to any places on the map is forbidden. Not including situation when other player is blocking someone to prevent him from being killed( white/red/yellow skull) and is not blocking access to any quest or other important places on map for example a house.
    18. One person can only be logged onto one character, this point does not include administration. The only exeption from this rule is to use exchange room rook-main.
    19. Any actions that may infringe well being of player or general moral principles are forbidden.
    20. Deliberately misleading actions are forbidden. Example:
      • inflating prices for gain
      • giving false informations on game/administration/forum etc.
      • pretending to be someone else
      People sending reports like : \"I didn't paid that much for my character\" or \"im not living with my parents\" will be rewared with warns or bans.
    21. It is forbidden to deceive anyone on the administration staff.
    22. To diffuse other players personal info is strictly forbidden.
  3. Penalties
    1. Server administration takes steps which they considers appropriate.
    2. They have a lot of steps at their disposal, for example:
      • warnings
      • muting the character
      • ban the character
      • prolong the ban
      • banning of the main character
      • delete of the character
      • blocking the !speed command
      • taking items away
      • delete of all characters
    3. Except all of the above the administration can apply other methods to prevent from breaking the rules.
    4. About the sentence decides the administration based on offense, player behavior or history of his penalties.
    5. In case of inappropriate behaviour after getting suspended it can get extended or expanded on other characters.
    6. Players have the right to appeal to their case to the server administration in designed section on the forum, giving evidance in form of recordings. Recordings which are blurry, cut to minimum will not be taken in consideration.
  4. Server administration
    1. All problems regarding anything should be reported to server administration with built-in function called \"RRV\" - Report Rule Violation. To use it you have to click CTRL + R buttons at the same time.
    2. Alternative option to report problems to server administration is the section of the forum built for this. Skargi - Odwołania - Zgłoszenia(Klik)
    3. The only evidence for someone fault can be only recording showing offense, The quality and area of the registered video must allow for objective evaluation and must include date and hour of the event.
    4. Server administration doesn't engage in teleportation of the players, help with quests or creating items.
    5. Giving false evidence that may result in other player being wrongly accused are severly punished.
    6. Server administration has the right to take action which they deem fit in execution of the rules ( in the last resort deletion of account or character ).
    7. Players has the right to appeal to the decision of server administration on the forum in section : Skargi - Odwołania - Zgłoszenia, with sufficient evidence. Otherwise their explanations will be ignored.
    8. In case of getting banned for using third party programs such as bots the player does not have the right to see the evidence owned by the administration. The player may only ask other members of the server administration to judge the evidence and form their own opinion about the matter at hand.
    9. Server administration does not have the right to interfere in any transactions that are occuring between the players.
    10. Administration have the right to enforce the rules on the basis of provocation in order to check the integrity of the player.
    11. Any member of the Administration has the right to enforce the rules based on situations observed from their private character.
By creating an account and logging in to the game, you accept the rules. Ignorance of it in no way justifies the player in case of breaking them.