APO 8.42 - Addony


WyglądNazwaPotrzebne przedmioty
Citizen Outfit First: 100 minotaur leathers.
Second: 100 chicken feathers, 50 honeycombs, legion helmet.
Hunter Outfit First: engraved crossbow, 100 lizard leathers, 100 red dragon leather, 5 enchanted chicken wings, royal steel, hell steel, draconian steel.
Second: sniper gloves.
Knight Outfit First: chunk of crude iron, 100 iron ores.
Second: 100 behemoth fangs, a damaged steel helmet, warrior's sweat, royal steel.
Mage Outfit First: blessed parchment, all the wands and rods, 10 magic sulphors, 20 ankhs, a soul stone.
Second:Ferumbrass' hat.
Summoner Outfit First: blessed parchment
Second: 70 bat wings, 20 red pieces of cloth, 40 ape fur, 35 holy orchid, 10 Spool of yarn, 60 lizard scales, 40 red dragon scales, 15 magic sulphurs, 30 vampire dusts.
Barbarian Outfit First: fighting spirit, the warrior's sweat, 50 red pieces of cloth, 50 green pieces of cloth, 10 spider silk yarns.
Second: 100 iron ore, 1 chunk of crude iron, 50 behemoth fangs, 50 lizard leathers.
Druid Outfit First: 50 wolf paws, 50 bear paws.
Second: Griffinclaw flower sample, water from the hydra cave, 100 demon dusts, a blessed wooden stake, Ceiron's wolf tooth chain.
Nobleman Outfit First: 150000 gold coins.
Second: 150000 gold coins.
Oriental Outfit First: mermaid comb.
Second: 100 ape furs, 100 fish fins, 2 enchanted chicken wings, 100 blue pieces of cloth.
Warrior Outfit First: 100 hardened bones, 100 turtle shells, fighting spirit, a dragon claw.
Second: 100 iron ores, royal steel.
Wizard Outfit First: medusa shield, a dragon scale mail, a ring of the sky, crown legs.
Second: 50 holy orchids.
Assassin Outfit First: 30 beholder eyes, 10 red dragon scales, 30 lizard scales, 20 fish fins, 20 vampire dusts, 10 demon dusts, Warrior's sweat.
Second: 50 blue piece of cloth, 50 green piece of cloth, 50 red piece of cloth, 50 brown piece of cloth, 50 yellow piece of cloth, 50 white piece of cloth, 10 spider silk yarns.
Beggar Outfit First: 100 ape furs, 20000 gold coins.
Second: Simon's favourite staff.
Pirate Outfit First: 100 eye patches, 100 peg legs, 100 hooks.
Second: Ron the Ripper's sabre, Deadeye Devious' eye patch, Lethal Lissy's shirt, Brutus Bloodbeard's hat.
Shaman Outfit First: 5 dworc vodoo dolls, a mandrake.
Second: 5 banana staffs, 5 tribal masks.
Norseman Outfit First: 5 Shards.
Second: 10 Shards.
Nightmare Outfit First: 500 Demonic essences.
Second: 1500 Demonic essences.
Brotherhood Outfit First: 500 Demonic essences.
Second: 1500 Demonic essences.
Jester Outfit First: 1 red piece of cloth, 1 blue piece of cloth, 1 yellow piece of cloth, 1 green piece of cloth, 5 white piece of cloth, 1 giant spider silk, 4 minotaur leather.
Second: 10 red piece of cloth, 10 blue piece of cloth, 10 yellow piece of cloth, 10 green piece of cloth, 25 white piece of cloth, 10 giant spider silk, 40 minotaur leather.

Created by Arhadus